Yavor Michev was attracted to photography long before he enrolled in Ruse University in 1993. What is more, it became an indispensable part of his daily life.

In 2007 he flew on a motor delta planer for the first time. What he saw during this flight and his passion for photography opened up new horizons and new opportunities for his projects. Since then he has focused all his creative energy and technical skills precisely in this direction.

Yavor prefers to take pictures from a paraplanner or a motor delta planer. To be able to concentrate entirely on the photographic aspect, he usually relies on experienced pilots. In extreme situations professional digital equipment gives him the freedom and confidence to make his wildest dreams come true. So he takes out the best from his camera.

For him air photography is a dream come true to see and reflect the world through the eyes of a bird. The world comes to life in new, memorable compositions and stories and even the most familiar places suddenly and miraculously change.

Besides this artistic aspect, air photography has another purely practical one – the opportunity to take pictures of terrains, buildings, public events and places difficult to access otherwise, which is useful to businesses, science, education and the functioning of various institutions.

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